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ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT is an independant engineering office for project management and real estate consulting services.

Since 2006 ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT increases the quality of projects by dedicated and professional work and ensures that project goals are achieved.

Due to many years of experience in the construction and real estate industry I understand buildings from different perspectives. I make this holistic understanding of the life cycle of a property the focus of my consulting services. In this way I guarantee an effective relief of my clients as well as the success of any project.


  1. Control

    ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT ensures the realisation of your project on schedule and in line with the budget. 

  2. Consulting

    Custom-focused advice leads to correct deicions; particulalry with regard to the complexitx of construction projects.

  3. Assessment

    Real estates are analysed regarding strengths and weaknesses and a well-founded basis for your decicision is provided. 

Smart engineering

"Smart engineering" is what I call the way I perform my daily work.

The satisfaction of my clients has top priority and this every working day.

Therefore it is crucial to ensure the defined costs, deadlines and qualities of every construction project. Only if these parameters are achieved, a construction project is really succesful and the client satisfied.

To ensure this, an individual concept, knowledge, experience and skill are required - this is what I call "smart engineering".

ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT sees itself as an objective consultant and partner, who supports you with the realisation of your real estate or construction project in a professional manner. This means reliability and a solid basis for your financial decisions.

My services represent an effective relief for my  customers and an assurance of project aims. You benefit from well-founded decisions and from an increase of your project's quality.

Jan Maarten Roggenberg established the company ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT with the intention to establish a realiable and high-quality engineering office for project management and consulting services.

Since then ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT applies its professional expertise in combination with a high personal engagement for its clients.

Numerous well-knwon companies were able to convince themselves of my reliable services so far, so that my clients and I can look back on multiple successful projects at home and abroad.