Each construction project is unique !

ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT develops solutions for your construction project and ensures a sussessful implementation. 

ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT analyses real estates - whether already built or in concept phase - regarding strengths and weaknesses and assists with a holistic optimisation.

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    Smart engineering !
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    Take the client's vision from concept to reality!
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    Costs under control - anytime !
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    In time realisation !
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    Effective support !
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    Commitment to quality !
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    Reliability of planning and desicion !


ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANGAEMENT is an independant engineering office for project management and real estate consulting services.


ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT increases the quality of projects by dedicated and professional work and ensures the achievement of objectives.


Due to many years of experience in the construction and real estate industry ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANGEMENT takes the clients' visions from concept to reality.


ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT takes over the operational responsibility for your project and ensure the best possible implementation.


Custom advice leads to correct decisions; particularly with regard to the complexity of construction projects.



ROGGENBERG PROJEKTMANAGEMENT analyses real estates regarding strengths and weaknesses.